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Beautiful As The Moon: Terrible As An Army With Banners
by Henry Cow

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Comments from YouTube:

Vincent de Tourdonnet

This remains one of the most unique and powerful songs I've ever heard in my life. It still mystifies me, although now I recognize how much of its originality lies in Chris Cutler's madly inventive, precise drumming. Kind of falls apart into improv chaos part way though. That was a prog-rock thing. But when the main theme comes back near the end: "ROSE DAWN/DAEMON" it's worth the wait, the tense counterpoint, the climax. Henry Cow were prog, I guess, but they were not pompous. 40 years later, I've personally never heard rock totally re-invented this much. Except maybe by some surreal hip-hip. But how many bands totally re-invent music, really? How often does something this unique get created?

John Sluggett

Sorry, ShanghaiRooster. I should have been addressing Vincent regarding his "improv/chaos," "prog rock" comments.


@John Sluggett John I don't disagree with you at all. Was merely a hypothesis.

John Sluggett

ShanghaiRooster It is folly to argue things we don't really know. The musical effect of the piano(s) is chaotic for sure, (they do multiple pianos; listen to the 2 or 3 piano outro on Half Asleep/Half Awake) but don't rule out that it is "composed," or a mix of a prescribed tone row set to improvised rhythm. 12 tone type music is usually often jarring and random sounding. Then add some rhythmic disjunct for more jarring effect. I wouldn't say this section is particularly representative of "prog-rock." It IS very Henry Cow.


@John Sluggett I'd guess he means somewhere after the five minute mark, where the rest of the band fades out leaving just Tim for a bit. Then Fred enters, and the full band follows.

John Sluggett

Where is the "improv chaos?"  This piece sounds pretty composed to me.

Bernabé García Sánchez

Sort of Messiaen/Ligeti meets rock. A lot of chromaticism in the melody (for instance, the first melody E-Eb-D-C#), major chords (E, F#, A), 7th chords(C#m7, BMaj7), and also changing time signatures, and adding/substracting beat (14/8 -13/8 riff)


music to make cats sleep with one eye open


This song came out in 1975

John Appleseed

First time hearing, being a fan of prog and avant garde, I like what I hear :)

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