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Pre Virgin Demo 1
Henry Cow Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Henry Cow:

Bad Alchemy I dream Hermaphrodite and I sit up all night Our eyes…
Deluge Don't disturb me while I'm dreaming Walk softly on my peace…
Gloria Gloom Like so many of you I've got my doubts about how…
Living in the Heart of the Beast Situation that rules your world (despite all you've said) I…
Lovers of Gold Lovers of Gold Give All you own To bats and spiders and t…
Nine Funerals of the Citizen King Down beneath the spectacle of free No one ever let you…
Nirvana for Mice Sweet mystery of life I will remember Sweet mystery of life…
Ottawa Song You and I could sail away to distant lands. In a…
Teenbeat Reprise Instrumental…
Viva Pa Ubu Here is a song for all you Ubists Fat & loathsome, Rich…
War Tell of the birth Tell how war appeared on earth Thunder an…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jorge Salvador

When ur in the bed and scared just remember, you cant look at the 4 corners at the same time . xD 
w/e, tara i hope someday we could meet , thats kinda my dream :3  n actually get to know u a bit more , greetings from ecuador

Brady Boyer

Don't worry about those stream haters Tara, you're boobyful <3

Ed Snydsman

I just got into watching live streams. I'm really big into League of Legends and watching streams help my game play.

I'm sure someone else has mentioned it but Zurich is a city in Switzerland. It's really beautiful there.


second <>

mathias funch

U actually have really pretty eyes :D

Åke Rosvall

zürich is in sweiczh? idk how its spelled xD

Kris royel

Why dont you do Fan Signs on Twitter :(@TrainedLife;0


I love the idea of streaming but two things for me.
1. I internet speed is 24download and almost 2 up. Not good enough for a great stream.
2. I have streamed before but it's very overwhelming when you stream for a long time and get no viewers. I am confident I am good at what I play. I've streamed guitar hero, battlefield and resident evil games. Plus if I stream it is more convenient for me not to stream multiplayer just because of my speeds. I have about 50 followers I think lol.

Coach Gumby

Please make an ASMR video channel where you whisper in the camera, ear to ear and stuff.

max719 HD

tara're the most sexy and beautiful girl in the whole youtube

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