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Sea Song
by Robert Wyatt

You look different every time you come
From the foam-crested brine
It's your skin shining softly in the moonlight
Partly fish, partly porpoise, partly baby sperm whale
Am I yours? Are you mine to play with?
Joking apart, when you're drunk you're terrific when you're drunk
I like you mostly late at night you're quite alright

But I can't understand the different you in the morning
When it's time to play at being human for a while, please smile
You'll be different in the Spring, I know
You're a seasonal beast like the starfish that drift in with the tide, with the tide
So until your blood runs to meet the next full moon
You're madness fits in nicely with my own, with my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own, my very own

We're not alone

Written by: R. Wyatt

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel phenix

Mescaline song for me...i remember when it came out , we took some Mescaline and we listen to the end of that song for 3 hours, pulling back the needle where the amazing tearing solo voice begins...i will never forget friend was in the next room making love for the first time...while i was pulling the needle... A SHOCK for ever.... We were 16 , and into Robert Wyatt and Peter Hammill, Kevin Ayers and Shawn Phillips....but that afternoon we were just part of the most amazing voice ...I think we made love with Robert too....


I love the way he pronounces "moonlight". "Moon-loi'".

Alexandros Deligiorgis

Sea song is such an eerie, inventive, innovative, original and spectacular song.

Ori Nottea Eshel

Love it! It's one of my favorite songs of all time.

mike Marino

A beauty!!!came out of s dream.mrlody N sound remembered.


For me also, it's one of my favorite songs, with "The court of the Crimson king", of King Crimson, and "Love song to a vampire", of Steve Hackett.

Alan Atha

It IS my favorite of all time

Domenico De Simone

me too.

Alexandros Deligiorgis

me too


spacca l anima con la sua bellezza e tristezza

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