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Khan ! !


[André 3000]
Live, from the center of the Earth
Seven light-years below sea level we go
Welcome to Stankonia, the place from which all funky things come
Would you like to come?

[Girl moaning]

Bounce, baby. (We're bouncing!)
Bounce. Bounce. (We're bouncing!)
Two times: bounce, bounce. (We're bouncing!)
We're bouncing. (We're bouncing!)
Bounce. (We're bouncing, baby!)
(We're bouncing!) Come on, bounce
(Bouncing! Bounce, baby) Bounce!
Bounce, bounce. (Hey, baby!) Bounce, bounce
(Let's bounce) Come on, bounce. (Everybody let's bounce)
(Let's bounce) We bouncing now

[Big Boi]
All that bouncing... (Phsh)
Niggas ain't even from the A-Town
We got Bankhead right here, southwest Atlanta too strong

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AKC Album Reviews

Welp time for my first time listen of this album. soooooooo let's a gooo!

Adonus Harrell

Idlewild is a great album! Don't know why people don't like it much.

Shane Tokarz

@AKC Album Reviews Idlewild’s a lot better than you remember/give it credit for.

PJ & Rooster, Mighty “O”, Idlewild Blue, N2U, Morris Brown, Life Is Like A Musical, & Makes No Sense At All are all fun as hell.

The Train is one of the best songs they’ve ever written. Mutron Angel sounds like Funkadelic + Goodie Mob. In Your Dreams could’ve been a Late Registration outtake..


Welcome. WoW mAkin a dude feel old

NightSmoke Beats

@AKC Album Reviews fax

AKC Album Reviews

@NightSmoke Beats i understand why its prolly their most underrated album to tbh

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How they did such a futuristic intro?

No Diet

One word: drugs

Lionel Rich-tea

They Visionaries

Strawberry Milk Wearing Silk

This sounds raw, never listened. I feel left out man, wtf.

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