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The Companions
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Lyrics

All the desperate people in this town
Are coming out tonight
They'll be here soon
They want to be here with us in our glorious times
And when they start to laugh, we'll laugh too
But when they start to cry, they'll ruin it for everyone
We'll ask them to leave
And they'll pull out their knives and kill us all
They're here now
Close the gate
Lock the door
Bring the lights down
Put the light s out
Close the bar
Maybe they'll give up and go next door
Lets pretend we're gone
Pretend we're not here
Let's pretend we're gone

I'm too strong now I can't lose
I try but I can't lose
I stole everything from you
I stole your disaster from you
I can't give it back

Este recuerdo guarda su alma
Su alma guarda esta tumba
Dios guarda su cuerpo
Su cuerpo guarda su aliento
Behold the breath of the dragon
Mira el brillo del cuchillo

All the desperate people in this town
Are coming out tonight
They'll be here soon

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Comments from YouTube:


Such an underappreciated band. I wish they made more music together.

Fuzz Mazter

They have! Under the name Free Salamander Exhibit

Chadical Taylor

brilliant!!! Wunderbar!!

Palindromeda 33

Is this about being afraid of Jehovahs witnesses?


Great stuff. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.


This song is killing me why is it so fucking good


I saw them do this song live once when it was still a work in progress. They performed it without lyrics so it was a 10+ minute instrumental. The song was stuck in my head for years until the album came out.


Right? Every SGM album opens with a killer first song, like this. God DAMN


What a masterpiece!


Thank you for reviving them <3

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