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All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands
by Sufjan Stevens

If I am alive this time next year
Will I have arrived in time to share?
And mine is about as good this far
And I'm still applied to what you are

And I am joining all my thoughts to you
And I'm preparing every part for you

(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)
(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)

And I heard from the trees a great parade
And I heard from the hills a band was made
And will I be invited to the sound?
And will I be a part of what you've made?

And I am throwing all my thoughts away
And I'm destroying every bet I've made
And I am joining all my thoughts to you
And I'm preparing every part for you
For you

(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)
(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)
(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)
(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)
(ta la, ta la la la ta, ta la la)

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Ian Evans

when my dad got a diagnosis of malignant melanoma and was told he had 6 months to live, I came home to stay and help take care of him as he was on hospice. When I first heard this song , I immediately connected with that period and my father. I watched him do this. Quite literally. He gave up his worries on earth and began to prepare. He wasn't scared or angry..just sad to leave us but relegated himself to the journey ahead and was at peace with it. We were the ones devastated. This song strikes such an emotional chord in me whenever I play also fills me with peace and acceptance of losing my dad. I know he lives on. About a yr after he died he came to me in a dream..looking healthy and happy, and he told me.. ( when I asked him "whats it like there ?")'He said.. " It's the darndest thing! I told the weather to the palm trees!!" ..The title of this song about the trees clapping, resonated instantly. I hope I am to see these things when I leave this earth....where it's so joyeous that you can converse


Have faith in the True and Living GOD, and you will. 😃


i had the same vision of both my grandafathers. thank you for sharing amen.

Don Hammond

Thank you for sharing these's a tribute to both your father and you. I hope I meet my end with as much dignity and grace as your dad...


Moving comment. After I lost my best friend I has such a dream. He looked great and full of energy. And when I awoke I was full of happiness. Overflowing of it.

mago lago

Ian Evans what a beautiful comment

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Caty F

So this will sound weird, but I have the strangest connection with this song. I've always loved it, but I totally understand it now. I was sleeping under the stars in the Desolation Wilderness and I looked up and saw trees pointing towards the endless night sky. I didn't have any technology with me, but this song played in my head note for note, and I can't help but think that's how Sufjan intended this song to be heard. I could feel the trees swaying and clapping their hands to praise the Lord.

Chris Collier

That is beautiful


The title comes from Isaiah 55:12-
You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands

Frans Koster

@Oliver Popenoe Dude Sufjan constantly uses biblical imagery and has been pretty open about the role faith plays to him. This song is neither religious nor atheistic - it's a song.

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