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Audiomachine Lyrics

Blitzkrieg Let us have peace, let us have life, Let us escape…
Guardians At the Gate J'ai tout dis, j'ai parlé, fais pas ça, j'ai. Y fait…
Millennium Hhhh Hhhhhhh Hhhhhhh Gfhuuuu Hhhh bag of chips are Going to …

Sirens of Hyperion da da da dum da da da dum da da da dum da…
Sun and Steel You killed your first man at 13 Killer instinct, Animal supr…

A fallen angel

on Equinox

A life, after another life, so many, do you understand what that means? I fell here, here is the battlefield, it's the realm of sifting... in mud and deception and illusions. The truth and light are within me so I'll go as far as I can this time... and I'll take another step. The Creator knows all about me. He believes in me. Every heartbeat that passes brings me closer to HIM. Inevitably, I'll be what I was before the fall.


on The Last Bloom

Hey is there anyway we can get the piano tutorial for this one( the last bloom)!

Bül Doğ

on Blitzkrieg

What language is it?
Ok what the hell, the lyrics are from Metallica - Blitzkrieg, dude.

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