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Aqua Vitae
Future World Music Lyrics

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Son Goku

It took me 11 years to find the name of this masterpiece.

But I found it.

Now it's my anthem😎

Son Goku

@R S Yes! I love Secession Studios!!
I like the tracks, "Royal Blood", "The Culling", "To The Gallows" to name a few.

Also, check out...
Title: Digital Rain
Artist: Ghostwriter Music

Son Goku

@R S what's your anthem brotha?

PS, my anthem changed lol
Now my anthem is...

Title: The Prophet
Artist: Black Hydra



I am pleased in humanity for this song's existence.

외계에서 온 숏다리

me too

Arthur Lau

@TheXenoclover Best comment I read so far in Youtube


Moi aussi :-)

saul zavala


Lazar Obrenic

me too

Q Frere

I am sure I would not be the first one to come to realize, that music like this has changed my life. Thank you Future World, Two Steps from Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Focus music, Killer Tracks, Audiomachine, and many others that have fueled me with hope, ambition, and freedom..

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