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Prison Blues
Jimmy Page Lyrics

I've been a be -bad boy baby
I've been a bad boy all night long, oh yes I have,
Yes, I've been a bad boy honey,
I've been a bad boy all night long,
That woman, she don't even let me,
She did not even telephone.

I'm gonna leave my little honey,
Like a rabbit leaves the hole,
A-ow-ah leave my little honey baby,
Just like that little bunny rabbit leaves the hole,
I got a weasel in my pocket,
I'm gonna stick that weasel down my mamma,
I'm gonna stick it down that little hole.

I'm never gonna get out of this prison baby,
The only way I get out is climb over the wall,
Oh baby, the only way out is that I get a ladder
And climb over the wall
Well I can't climb the ladder baby,
'Cause I'm afraid that I, that I might fall.
Come on yeah!

I'm staying in this Folsom prison honey,
Yeah, I'm gonna stay in this prison till the day that I day,
Oh, I'll stay in Folsom prison baby,
Oh, till the day, until the day that I die,
Hear more, I'm gonna kill nobody,
Oh my baby you know, you know that I'm staying alive

'Cause I know baby, that's gonna be a great big lie,
(You know I'm livin' in this F-Fol' prison)

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Comments from YouTube:

James Stone

Jimmy Page is a pure gift to humanity from God. Enjoy forever.


JUST FREAKING AWESOME!!!!   Page never over produced any of this album!  No over dubs, No out takes, just left it alone! And its FANTASTIC!  Mistakes and ALL.. WOW

Conspiracy Theorist

Jimmy back in Zep mode makes me happy

Justin Ninke

The best sounding guitar EVER, Jimmy has that thing singing. I've been trying to achieve this tone, you can only get so close(which I am not), but even if you played his guitar with his amp, you still can't get his sound. To have lunch with him and just talk for an afternoon, the guy has forgotten more than I will ever know!

Randy S

This is one of those great blues songs that the lyrics were improvised when they laid down the tracks...


Such a massive tone here with plenty of bite unlike many modern blues type players who are perhaps too concerned with achieving a more 'tasteful' guitar tone and thus who often end up sacrificing attitude and musical energy in the process.


Absolutely one of the most overlooked albums ever! This whole album "shook me" to the core when it came out. Wore out 2 cassettes.


The sleaziest-sounding Blues track ever…

Love it!

Wilfrid Evlard

This is a great blues song we have ever created

Rafael Augusto LARA PALMEROS

Chris Farlowe in vocals, fantastic!!!!!!!!!

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