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by Karunesh

"maut mujhko gawara hai lekin,
kya karoon dum nikalta nahin hai

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Juglar Loco

Death is acceptable to me but,
I am helpless, for I am unable to die.
To the one who has become the pain in my heart,
to the one who has made me suffer,
may He give all the relief of the world.

If you comes to my grave,
please leave me a piece of your veil.
O, the one who made me suffer!
I agreed to the suffering
please leave me a piece of your veil...

Abbas Kayyum

@jsmartinez07 Yes Madam it's the translation of the song..!!

Daksh Khatri

All these things are ephemeral. Seek the one that is everlasting
Seek the one that resides in your heart , the god


Is this the translation of this song?

Rah Sage

To the one who made me suffer, I NEVER AGREED TO THE SUFFERING.😭

Sedya Sene


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Türker Şengül

I strongly recommend other to people to check Punjab from Karunesh as well
(A comment by Türker Şengül) :)

Terry C.

One of my all time favorite songs.


Sexy lips

shai goltzman


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