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Midnight Blue
Kenny Burrell Lyrics


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Tonewall Jaxon

this music makes me glad to be alive.....

Bob Taylor

@xaenon , I think you know a lot more than you give yourself credit for.


@Pepek Námořník Maybe, but that's not really what I meant.

I think it's more the way those old consoles were made. They have a distinct sound quality that you don't really get from more modern stereos.

I've played the record on my (semi-) modern component stereo, and while it still sounds good, it just seems to sound better on the old Astro-Sonic. Wifey and I both seem to have a similar experience with One Stormy Night, as well, and with many other records - notably older ones.

I really think records of the 1950s/1960s were cut specifically to sound best on those big cabinet consoles. I'm not a sound engineer, so I can't really explain it.

Pepek Námořník

@xaenon that´s the vinyls, man. Them just sound properly. 1´s and 0´s cannot describe that

Hutch Smith

and u kno this ! ....maan!!!! 😎

Dylan Bolton

Yo~ agreeeee~~

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Cheri Bunny

God, this album absolutely slaps. Oozes and embodies cool. What a masterpiece.

Bob Taylor

@adamgm84 , it was one of the last pieces of "new" music, at least to her, which my 80 year old mother heard before her death a few months later. She was an opera maniac, and she thought this was ridiculously good.

david baca

@that coolaid guy jazz is the blues...

that coolaid guy

@Cheri Bunny its more blues than jazz

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