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Cool Struttin'
Sonny Clark Lyrics

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Track listing (my attempt):
1. 00:00 Cool Struttin' [Sonny Clark]
2. 09:24 Blue Minor [Sonny Clark]
3. 19:43 Sippin' at Bells [Miles Davis]
4. 28:01 Deep Night [Charles Henderson, Rudy Vallée]

Bonus tracks on CD reissue:
5. 37:34 Royal Flush [Sonny Clark]
6. 41:32 Lover [Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers]
? 51:17 I don't think this is right. Sorry, I don't get the track list.

Recorded on January 5th, 1958 at the Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey.

Sonny Clark - piano
Jackie McLean - alto saxophone
Art Farmer - trumpet
Paul Chambers - bass
Philly Joe Jones - drums

And isn't Ruth Lion's struttin' cool?

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Taehyung brought me here.His music taste is great. 😍

Thalia Butter

Sim yes Love tanto TAE TAE

Nasima Khatun

Same ☺️

Madusha Karunarathna

Yes yes


I knew Tae's recommendation can never go wrong💚

Bobby G

such amazing gifted talent as Sonny Clark to be so sadly wasted from Heroin. Horrible loss to the world. Jazz fans will rightly so feel cheated by his passing for decades to come.


Visited a friend the other day and he played this album for me on vinyl and I have completely fallen in love with it.
Although we were engaged in conversation at certain points, I couldn't ignore what I was hearing because it was so amazing!
Thanks for sharing....history set in wax.


incredible recording, hard bop at its best. Sonny Clark a genius of the modern piano.

Ronald Unkel

MrLuca60 He really was one of the top piano-players and composers at the time. Sorely missed. Enjoy & Cheers!

Hanshi Stephen Kaufman

This is straight ahead hard bop and nothing has surpassed it over time. The Blue Note house was one of the finest stables of the giants of the time and will ever remain so. Lions and Van Gelder had vision and it worked. This album is what the entire genre was about and it is ony a small sample of the enormity of what Blue Note produced. The players are without doubt some of the heaviest and most erudite of the time. Thanks for ths one Richard Giminez.

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