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London After Midnight Lyrics

You'll never understand
The meaning in the end
We're standing at the gate
You'll meet the darker fate

Your purity and rage
Your passion and your hate
You promised more than bliss
With your God and with your kiss

I'm on my knees
I beg your mercy
My soul is my loss
I'm well hung from your cross

Take me
Take me in your arms my love and rape me
Don't hide behind your rage
I know you love me
And always will

You're my possession
Of that my love there really is no question
Don't hide behind your rage
I know you love me
And always will

My better half it's true
Has seen the darker side of you
Innocence stripped away
At least I've the brighter fate

Written by: SEAN BRENNAN

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Comments from YouTube:

Lydieluck 77

This song makes me want to go to a goth club and dance 🥀

Puppy Girl

Leland City Club - Detroit, MI


I thought Nuclear Blast got them all turned into metal bars

Jack Nightingale

There’s a huge scene in Tampa! The club here is amazing! They played this song the other night in fact! ^^

Riley Fiach

Best thing to do! :3 I already danced few times this one on a goth club. You must hang on with the right DJ! xD


Boston has a great scene...come dance with us! ❤

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I think I remember saying

Who's here in 2018 and remembering how much you loved this band nearly 20 years ago...?

Angela Timmermans

Omg me

dxb life

I’m here from 2020 :)

Mia 88

2020 here !!!!! love love London after midnight

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