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From Russia With Love
Matt Monro Lyrics

From Russia with love, I fly to you
Much wiser since my goodbye to you
I've travelled the world to learn
I must return
From Russia with love

I've seen places, faces
And smile for a moment
But, oh, you haunted me so
Still, my tongue tied young bride
Would not let my love for you show
In case you'd say "No"

To Russia I flew but there and then
I suddenly knew you'd care again
My running around is through
I'd fly to you
From Russia with love

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: JOHN BARRY

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Comments from YouTube:

Charles Abboud

James Bond AKA 007 will always be Sean Connery for me... the others are OK, but Connery fit the character perfectly.

S Bohm

@Jeremy Walsh sorry for texting this long message, dont know what hit me.
So as a Bonus:

The actor that played the villain goldfinger was a German actor that before getting famous, played at the Theater in my hometown and was invited at my grandparents for a Sylvester party in their house in which i know live... He sat in their living room approximatly 20meters from where i am now typing this Message to you!
Somehow funny...

Greetings from Germany and stay safe in these times ;-)

S Bohm

@Jeremy Walsh i am 30years old, the First James Bond movie i saw was James Bond chases Dr No, when i was 4 years old and i remember it like Yesterday!
For me its Sean Connery, because he was the first one to play James Bond. Many Bonds after him Had to somehow match their character to Sean Connerys performance.
I liked Pierce Brosnan as James Bond because he Looked Like a James Bond (Dark Hair, blue eyes, Style)but nowadays i prefer Roger Moore, because he had the best Style of Performance for this character. Also i saw the movies synchronised in German ( im German) and i really dislike Pierce Brosnans original voice. Its Not a Bond voice?!
And Daniel Craig is the worst Bond o have ever Seen... I mean He Brings in his own character wich is nice somehow and invented James Bond as something completly new.
Which is somehow refreshing for some, but i personaly hate it.. If degrades James Bond somehow, idk..

S Bohm

@Bossy Guy Mike nice try in fooling us Lazenby!

Komori Aimi

@christian ru. I must say, although Connery is my favorite Bond, Roger Moore was more refined and elegant. And he's the Bond from when I was little.
I don't think Sean Connery looked like a peasant though XD

christian ru.

He's a peasant. Nobody compares to Moore.

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Chris Montignani

Possibly one of thee best bond songs ever sung by a unique and very talented singer RIP Matt.

Michael Barlow

@ Isleofskye. You have to compare male singing voices with other male singing voices not with female singing voices because to do so is like comparing apples with oranges!

Funny Funny

Matt spent some years in Hong Kong. As a Hongkonger, I miss him a lot.


55 yrs ago , RIP Kerim Bey :(

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