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Searching for Some Beautiful
Sadistik Lyrics

(Verse 1 - Sadistik)
My head aches, and feels the blunt vice grips
hanging over my tequila sunrises
Confide and write this to de-scribe a love life
that's feeling love lifeless
I'm the type that'll cherish frozen winters
stare at snowy blizzards and take it to heart
Then break it apart, I carry hopes and blisters
Cutting heart strings with a pair of broken scissors
I'm still trapped in a middle school slow dance
Stepping on toes in a mistletoe romance
Misanthrope, discomposed who holds hands
with grief...Kissing hope with no chance, but me
I'm just searching for some beautiful
a dream that I can catch And a person who's unusual
When I find her, I'll try to face the tide
Fight the hurricane, and tidal wave, goodbye…

And I watch all the spectrums of angels
Choking to death on the septums and halos
Bread crumbs and fables, why change?
I hang at the ends of the pay phone
With no change or number to reach
What blankets the sky I slumber beneath
Under the speech, this song's about hope, joy, love and defeat
All it takes is a peaceful autumn day
For you to be happy and me to call it fate
Even after a fucked up childhood, I'm still tryin'
To believe in God and grace

I try to get a piece of peace and sit and listen infinitely
Holdin onto benefits, and isnt it so innocent? We
Try to find another time and underline the cynical
Its pitiful we run and hide and undermind the innermost
When intervals of miserable will find a figure four
And force the phyiscal and inner soul to find a bitter form
And form another time and place where you can go and be so suitable
When all I wanna do is go and search for something beautiful, in me

I died once, and I knew that it was suitable
I died twice, and I sang it like a musical
I died again when I thought that the noose would hold
Everything I love in the search for some beautiful (x2)

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Comments from YouTube:

Roger mucroy

Forever I will remember when I discovered Sadistik from this song back in 2009. No artist has ever had an effect on my life like he has.


Goddamn, same here. Still stands.

Fetti World

HIGHLY recommend looking up THOMAX


Same here man! Just came back to this song after listening to the new one he released.

Marge Zwolinski



This guy hits man. I just had my mind blown hes been around so long. Quickly becoming one of my favorite rappers

Tyler Mandich

Truly some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

Ish the Stomach

Love this track... Love the different phases. Digging the back catalog is too much fun!

Jake Matthews

I come back here not only because i love this song and everything else he has put out but i like to see just how amazingly far he has come. The man has covered more ground in over a decade than many could ever cover in a lifetime artistically. Im beyond proud to say this is my favorite artist


Let me real right now, when this track was released I was going through a lot of shit. Suicide crossed the head more than once, but listening to this and others like Eyedea it really helped me get through. I'm not completely out of the dark, don't think I ever will be but this did help....DOES help! So, thank you, seriously a BIG THANK YOU!

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