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Welcome To The New World
Senyawa Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Welcome To The New World' by these artists:

A.N.A.E.L. Kokoniaru tashika na riaritei Furikaeru kinou nante kudaran…
Elton John [instrumental by john powell]…
Elton John/Bernie Taupin [instrumental by john powell]…
Mel Cooleys Nice jacket New tie Pressed blue jeans Breaking at the top o…

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Comments from YouTube:

ethan carpenter

0:00 my man stepped on a Lego

Captain Chief

Stepped on a minefield of em



Nick Galea



I know not many liked the Guarma chapter. And despite the idea not being executed as properly as it could've been, it was a nice touch.
To get stranded in this twisted version of the island paradise Dutch kept talking about. Trapped with the only people who end up betraying and abandoning you.

Ender 5476

@JTmaxx Bruh, Dutch left both of his sons to die, John was left behind in the train robbery and Arthur in the oil fields

Zachary England

He never turned his back on Dutch until Dutch turned his back On both John and Himself as well, you'd best remember the times Dutch straight up left them to die. And at the end he still tried to appeal to Dutch, who sided with Micah, who fucking talked. Funny how Dutch was about to kill Molly when she only said she talked, yet when Arthur, a man who was almost Dutch's own son in his own words, told him Micah talked, he sides with the guy he's barely known for month and a guy who ACTUALLY betrayed the gang vs the man he had rode with for over 20 years and has done nothing but try and keep everyone safe. Remember, Arthur has no reason to lie at this point. He's knocking on deaths door and it's OBVIOUS. And Dutch still sides with the goddamn snake that is Micah. Let me say this again. Arthur was loyal to the very end. To the gang and it's values.

Zachary England

@JTmaxx When was he willing to leave everyone in Lemoyne to die? I literally just played that bit of the game not a week ago and I don't remember anything like this. And he had every right to "nag" Dutch. Dutch had started going against everything he had taught John and Arthur. Arthur's #1 goal has always been the safety of the gang, at least if you were playing with high honor.


@Zachary England Arthur never betrayed anybody? Lol. Okay.
Let's forget he turns his back on Dutch, who in everybody's eyes "needs help."
Let's forget about the fact that in Guarma, he was perfectly willing to leave the people in Lemoyne to die, while Dutch wasn't.
Let's forget that he consistently nagged Dutch throughout the game.
and while we're at it, Let's forget about Micah.

Zachary England

@JTmaxx Arthur never betrayed anyone. He was loyal to the end, Dutch is the one who started betraying the values of the gang and abandoning them. Remember what Arthur said "It weren't us who changed." Dutch also says nothing back when Arthur says "I gave you all I had."

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