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Dis Ain't What Ya Want
T-Rock Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by T-Rock:

Anyway Mm, um, yeah Palms sweatin', guess it's time for the…
Big Mouth Big Talk Chorus 4x What's up, big mouth, big talk, big game Teacher…
Built Like Us Well, okay We've been in a war before Now, the only ones…
Da New Year Happy New Year, Happy New Year Let’s raise a glass, here’s…
Dey Ain't Told Ya يه موقعی دلت تنگ بود برامُ دنيا مهم نبود رنگاش…
I'm In It I don't care if Monday's blue Tuesday's grey and Wednesday t…
Intro Currently on Extinction Level Event 2 Genesis Chapter 11, ve…
Let the Hammer Go [Verse 1] Energized and crunk for those who testing my path…
Move Ra da da da da da da da Circus Da da…
Outro Oh, oh, and ya don't stop Uhh, Uhh, yeah uh huh It…
Posted Up [Chorus - 2X] We posted up! We posted up from the…
So Hi Reaksi kimia didalam darahku ... Terasa mengalir deras . D…
What's Stoppin U 過ぎ去った嵐のあとの静けさ たたずんだ となりに君はもういない I don't want anything in ou…

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Comments from YouTube:

Alpha Ray Trill

Damn T-Rock black out on the 3rd verse. one of my favorite tracks by him

Casey Corley

This hole track is the best on the album but a good album too

Lajos Tóth

this is one of the most crunkest shits I've ever heard mane

Juice Dropp

This track goes so damn hard.

Cx Cx

T Rock has made more albums underground that I lost track. This is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Just the flow is so smooth and amazing


Still with T-Rock in 2019

Lar Lar Elliott

Shits still so dope

_762 aromatose

Everytime I see my Dale Murphy jersey I think of this

Jacob Bartleson


Newport Box 100s

Classic drip ⚡⚡⚡

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