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Elyne Road
Toumani Diabaté Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Toumani Diabaté:

Queen Bee Sweeter than a honey bee, yeah, baby been sweet on…
Take This Hammer Take this hammer, carry it to the captain Take this hammer,…

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Comments from YouTube:

kareem mohammed

I'm speechless! its healing! why are not more people liking this type of music? absolutely amazing.

Antonio Brandao

kareem mohammed if this would play in the mainstream media, more people would be liking it. But most people never heard this.

Antonio Brandao

Blissful. This one and Jarabi are my favourites.

Jeff Mouguiama

Listen Lampedusa😉

Lamine Dabo

Voici l'Afrique, voici la vraie musique 🎶.

Rick Gammon

I'm playing this and thinking of a good man - lost this evening to the virus but found in God.

camara oumar

J'ai des larmes qui coules lorsque j'écoute cette mélodie...2022 qui est la 👍👍👍 vive la Cora vive le mandingue vive l'Afrique

Lamine Dabo

Cet appaissant, ça fait du bien vraiment. La kora l'instrument mythique africain.

Enock's Music

How come I'm only discovering this album in 2021 !!! Very nice harmonies, versatility, beauty, it brings to mind memories ! Thank you Mr Diabate.


On the contrary, I would say that it's to your credit that you are discovering this music at all, regardless of the year!

In fact, it's not a discovery, it's a revelation. That's how we ALL find it, after all!

Toumani clearly taps into something that goes WAY back.

It's a privilege to be able to hear and enjoy such music.

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