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Black Star
Avril Lavigne Lyrics

Black star, black star
Forever you will be
A shining star, shining star
Be whatever you can be

A rock star, rock star
You will always be
A Black star, black star, black star
Black star, black star, black star

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Thomas Hsi

'The Last Day of School'

Poetic Lyrics by TLH Andress
Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

A cookie...a blanket...a storybook...and colored crayons!

Little hands...little lipstick...and Mommy's mad!

Puffy stickers...puffy faces...and puffy banana pancakes!

From first sixteen seventeen and beyond!

Never one to be kissed...never one to asked to the senior prom!

My storybook...from front the to the last!

Mommy died...and going to why don't I just fade away and die?

Starlight starbright...first star I see tonight...wish I may wish I might...why are you Black?

Is a potty something to bring Shelley to...or are colored hats and balloons...just better?

You might like me now...pushed around Walmart at night...but what about in twelve years?

I wrote my name in a little book...with WonderWoman..."rOnNiiee" I smart?

Daddy you can't marry me...I'm only three!

Winnie the Pooh...and Tigger hop scotch...two hop scotch...whiskey and scotch!

Why are clowns so sad...and why does the frozen pole...hurt my small tongue?

Daddy...where is Mommy...or is she in the backyard...frozen down below?

My paper report card...says her Mommy and longer exist!

Good-bye...Black Star!

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Iuliana M

I remember this song once inspired me and I wanted to be a rock star just like Avril...

Auretta Halilintar

@TheOne ThatGotAway melissa

Nahk Narmak

@TheOne ThatGotAway That's a bit harsh isn't it?

•Bella Tsb بيــلآآآ•

Me too

lucy quinn

Same she will always be my favorite singer forever so don't worry because your not alone

TheOne ThatGotAway

And where are you now? Nowhere ...


She's telling her fans they can be anything they want and never stop being a black star even though she might stop making music soon

Avril's little Black Star

She is still making music! YAAYYYYY! I LOVE HER 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

lucy quinn

There's only 1 things that we know about her she never tells people what to do just be yourself have fun & do what you want

Borromeo Samantha

And she's back now <3

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