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ギルガメッシュ Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by ギルガメッシュ:

Angry juice 絞り取られたジュース 血の味がする 削り取られたジュース 濃厚な Taste of my skin (俺の肌の味がする)…
Break Down Break down! I think 大人達は言う 正しく生きろ 数ある答えの中で 正すモノがそう 侵してるのに 一体…
crying rain 降りだした雨は 乾いたアスファルトに溶けて 微熱混じりの手 冷たく包み込んでいく 涙見せずに 何かを犠牲にして歩く 例…
patchwork この世に平等なんて無い 誰かが一人で馬鹿を見る 優劣が付いて 比較されては批判を 目を瞑りたくなるんだ ののしられている…
ROCKER'S 過去の先駆者達が 築き上げた棘の道 断固な信念のもと 作り上げた偉大な壁 キャビネットに 思いを込めて 大地を揺るがす …
S.T.F.U. I can tell how you feel (×9) Every day 幼い頃描いてた日々と Every day…
ULTIMATE 4 気だるい MUSIC うんざり (It's grown into a scream) 外見だけ中身からっぽ 限界を突破…
Vermillion 唾を吐き黙りこんだ 俺はどうすれば? 嘲笑う葛藤それを 見てる存在が 優しさがほらまた裏返り 否定に聞こえてくる 何て言…
「少女A」 Take me once again Take me once again Take me once again 隠れ…
バリケード 例えば誰かが もし不幸でも何も感じない 人間は皆どうせ自分が大事で 綺麗事なんて聞きたくもない 他人助け自分の幸せ逃が…
遮断 其を恐怖感と呼び 目の前に壁を作られて 低俗過ぎるお前など これ以上踏みいるなと言う 鍵を開けろ お前にも聞こえるだろ…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Mr. Jostur

Fun fact, that I'm sure lots of people know if they're fans of Ishtar, but:

In FGO, her interlude is her attempting to get her payment.
The dialogue for it is actually pretty comical.
If you'd like to watch it yourself, I recommend it!

If you'd like a summary;
| S P O I L E R S |

So, Ishtar essentially gets you to Rayshift back just for this. A deal's a deal after all.
Ishtar and Gil even signed a legitimate contract over it.
Ishtar reveals that she's gone to such lengths that she scouted out different treasury locations just to see which one was the real one (Gil apparently has fakes set up to mislead people), and the one that had the most security is the one she chose to be the real one. You and Mash both agree that makes sense.

However, Gil, in his infinite, experienced with Ishtar-shenanigans wisdom, decided it'd be best to make any and ALL areas a trap. Specifically for Ishtar.
(This actually translates into the gameplay as well, as all enemies are Lancer-Type.)
Specific examples include MIMICS.
But not just chest-shaped mimics.
No. Not good enough for the king.

This man has DOOR-shaped mimics.
("Good lord, he really has it out for Ishtar-!)"
You start to think. The characters themselves pretty much start getting that feeling too. Then, Gilgamesh himself SHOWS UP, says that the contract they signed -which, Ishtar pretty much tells you she's owed around HALF of the treasury at this point beforehand-, is null and void.
He literally says,
"Well, you see this specific bit of tiny text, that you can only see if the sun hits it at just the right angle? Well, it says, 'In the event of the King's death, or if the treasury is not collected within 15 days, this contract is void."

Ishtar gets pissed and is feeling pretty played, only for Gil to actually say something very meaningful, despite saying it like...well, himself-

I'm paraphrasing here, but:
"Soaring through the sky, more free than any bird and no money to your name; that suits you far better."

The way it's phrased in the game is better, I only remember the gist.
I also left out some stuff.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed!
I hope everyone of you, even the ones that don't read this, has a great day...!!

All comments from YouTube:

Yuya Sakaki

Even when being possessed by a goddess, Rin is still a huge tsundere


Ishtar is much worse. Rin actually grounds her to be somewhat reasonable. This applies to eresh too. Otherwise she would probably keep ritsuka for herself in a cage.

Leonardo Reyes

All rins are best girls no matter what servant they are possesed by

tit nguyen


Objectify Mutahar

@Nacht Der Untoten ur the only one

Objectify Mutahar


Cyra Joyce Banzuelo



@姫佐倉 >_<

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Maynard Cempron

The way she attacks, is still the same as Rin

PhantasosX Games

@Zarastro while Grand Order is indeed from a different timeline/universe , Rin is still Rin from Fuyuki in the 5th HGW in that city.
To make a god been summoned as a servant , they need to lower their divinity , Ishtar did that by making a pseudo-servant with Rin as her vessel.
In Fate/Strange Fake , we see an Ishtar without Rin...and it's not pretty.

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