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Clint Mansell & Sam Hulick Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Clint Mansell:

Becomes The Color I became the color I became the daughter and the…
Bugs Got a Devilish Grin Conga [Instrumental]…
Summer Wine Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My sum…
Summer%3A Chocolate Charms [Instrumental]…
Together We Will Live Forever Instrumental…
Winter Overture [Instrumental]…

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Comments from YouTube:


This is the first time (in the Leviathan DLC) where we actually discover the Reapers' origins and.. who created them. It all started in Bryson's lab, where we heard this song for a second time... I'll never forget looking around for clues, it felt as if the objects where watching me unravel the mysteries of times long gone... such a subtle yet powerful musical accentuation, especially the first minute.... it hints at the fact that you are hard on the heels of an ancient mystery, a legendary secret that would turn the universe upside down.


Reminds me of my favorite part of the game.


instant chills o.o awesome :P


This is actually one of my favorite tracks from the game.. It's so haunting. Kind of a Mass Effect 1 feel to it.

Jack the Ripper

"Gaze bloodthirsty of Javik watching your dead Race"


Hm... I can see why they used the beginning of this track for the Leviathan DLC... mystical, mysterious and... who knows what else...


this could also be in assassins creed, perfect music when the acient secrets are reveiled, great moment in Thessia with this music.


The last part of this soundtrack makes you think... how bad things truly are when you get to that part of the game. Vendetta explaining how the Reapers have been harvesting civilizations for millions of years, how they're not even the ones in charge, that they serve an unknown superior force, and that the Crucible was built countless times by many civilizations and improved, but had never changed the outcome, and just after that the little bit of hope you had gets taken away by the assholes from Cerberus. That was a very powerful moment.


+California Cheeseburger You might wanna edit your comment, bro.


Vendetta? Wrong game, bro.

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