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If I were on a mission to a far away star system and with no possibility of return, I'd listen to this song while watching everything being left behind.


Me when I go out and explore in Elite Dangerous


Have you ever played the game "Outer Wilds"? If you didn't, I really recommend so... Even if you don't like gaming at all...


@@ericksonoliveira6882 I saw some comments abot this game but can you give me your personal experience?


i would love to left everything behind


My dream

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If you are facing something difficult, or problems, and you came here to hear this relaxing sound, let me tell you something: you can do it. Jesus is with you to give you strength in these difficult days. don't believe those little voices that so often insist on saying that you are weak. in fact, you are stronger than you think. deep down, you know you're going to make it. God bless you.




This sound is not relaxing, it’s sad. Always think of my parents whenever listening it. Like they next to me, but in parallel universe


@@userf744 I understand. I don't see it as sad, I see it as a help, or even a reflection of life. each one will have their perspective or vision of something, and that's okay, each one has their own vision.
Regarding this subject about your parents, are you okay, or do you handle it well?

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