No. 4 In E Flat Major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics


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Marco Leny

My father played this when I was young. No later than yesterday I was thinking that I would love to find this sonata again, and today I found it without even searching. Life is well-made.

Joseph Adams

I also heard it as a child, but could not identify it. Then by God's grace I managed to find it here.

Oksana Bergmann

No, it’s just modern technologies in our smartphones which read our thoughts :((( The first movement of sonata is very beautiful!


The YouTube algorithm has blessed you

Piano Reimagined

Do you like ready made pizzas

Ben Wieczorek-Davis

What a delightful piece! Coming from his first sonata as I did, you can really feel the improvement. The progression to Eb7 at 11:06 (lead-in 10:58) grabbed me: what a way to, well, progress! Such an understated ending too: do we clap now?

Abhishek Dhol

Wieczorek-Davis Yeah! We do clap now!

Tired Watermelon

my favourite sonate of all of the ones i ever played (over the past 6-7 years). it's just so beautiful - i always enjoy practicing it

Timothy Thorne

Tired Watermelon it's a lot more difficult to play correctly, than it looks. That first mvt is quite nuanced and should be played with great expression.

Charan Ramalingam

The 3rd movement was played today on my school's end of term 1 assembly as an opening to assembly. Seriously, I'm in love with this piece 😍 💕

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