Rex Tremendae
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Rex tremandae maiestatis,
qui salvandos salvas gratis,
salva me, fons pietatis.

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Rex tremendæ maiestatis
qui salvandos salvas gratis,
salva me, fons pietatis!

Rei de tremenda majestade
que ao salvares, salvas gratuitamente,
salva-me, fonte de piedade!

King of tremendous majesty
who when saving, freely save,
save me, source of piety!

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Sandwich TV

Rex tremendae majestatis,
qui salvandos savas gratis,
salve me, fons pietatis.

King of tremendous majesty,
who freely saves those worthy ones,
save me, source of mercy.


agnus deiiiiiiiiii


Seth Bowen

Lord Jesus

Luca C

*Salvas and *Salva.

Max Dynis



it doesnt matter if i die choking on a hamburger while on my underwear...this will play at my funeral


It's fitting

Giuseppe Vigo


Giuseppe Vigo


Giuseppe Vigo


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