Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Hostias et preces tibi, Domine
laudis offerimus
tu suscipe pro animabus illis,
quarum hodie memoriam facimus.
Fac eas, Domine, de morte
transire ad vitam.
Quam olim Abrahae promisisti
et semine eius.

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Marcelo Albuquerque


Dallas Dyer

Great music good times! The second drop hits harder than anything I've ever heard!

Teddy 6451


Wenzel Warttenberg

I do not understand the 27 primitives who like this music down


Hostias un requiem!

Zefanja codée

love part 2:16

Jacob Taylor

Sepand Ghanouni Really late to the party, but Mozart didn’t write this part of the requiem. He had died before it was written. His student finished the requiem after Mozart’s death

Janja Baribwegure

@Sepand Ghanouni I used Google Traduction, they say that at: Quam olim Abrahae promisisti et semini ejus = That you promised Abraham and his seed before.


I confirm. This is awesome when changing from moll to dur:)) awesome
Mozart is the best!!

Julian X

Reprise of the Quam Olim Abrahe from Domine Jesu.

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