Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Hostias et preces tibi, Domine
laudis offerimus
tu suscipe pro animabus illis,
quarum hodie memoriam facimus.
Fac eas, Domine, de morte
transire ad vitam.
Quam olim Abrahae promisisti
et semine eius.

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Comments from YouTube:

Dallas D

Great music good times! The second drop hits harder than anything I've ever heard!

Authentic Music


Glogord creativo

Me encanta esta canción


1:52 to 2:10 - really struck me as an alto singing this, both the text and the music - not sure why but it really hit home. Every time I think of someone I know that has died, this is the part I come back to. "Make it so for them, Lord! from death to life to transition." (my translation - not a really good one, but pretty literal)

Davi Silva

I think it's "make them transition from death to life"

Caleb Whymark

To think this is the last song Mozart heard as he lay on his death bed…really brings it home

Janja Baribwegure

C'est magnifique. J'aimerai que l'on mette cela à mon enterrement.

João Oliveira

This is the last known work of W. A. Mozart. I think this piece marks his death itself. Süssmayr finished the last sections of this piece.


Beautiful performance!

Maître Jean Seke

Merci de vos séquences musicales Mozart.

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