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Lacrymosa dies illa,
qua resurget ex favilla
judicandus homo reus.

Huic ergo parce Deus,
pie Jesu Domine,
dona eis requiem! Amen!

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Lacrimosa, which is part of his Requiem Mass in D minor, is a mournful and sorrowful plea for mercy and forgiveness from God during the final judgement day. The opening lines "Lacrymosa dies illa, qua resurget ex favilla" translates to "That day of tears and mourning when from the ashes shall arise." The following line, "judicandus homo reus" emphasizes the guilt of the human being who will stand before God and be judged for their actions.

The second stanza of the song is a direct appeal to God as the singer begs, "Huic ergo parce Deus, pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem," which translates to, "Therefore, Lord Jesus, grant them rest. Amen." The repetition of "pie Jesu Domine" emphasizes the singer's desperation and longing for grace and mercy from God.

Overall, the song Lacrimosa conveys a sense of fear and uncertainty about the end of life and the final judgement of God. The lyrics reflect the Catholic belief in a judgement day where every human being will be judged based on their actions on earth, and the mercy and forgiveness sought from God in this song reflects a hope for redemption and eternal rest in the afterlife.

Line by Line Meaning

Lacrymosa dies illa,
That day of tears and mourning,

qua resurget ex favilla
from the dust of earth returning

judicandus homo reus.
Man, the guilty, trembling creature,

Huic ergo parce Deus,
Save him, O Lord, in mercy.

pie Jesu Domine,
Give him eternal rest, O God!

dona eis requiem! Amen!

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Forever set, a precious moon is lost.

The others mourn him, with ceremony grand.

Rising up to heaven, the mighty moon of frost

With a melody from the mourning band.


Harvest Barren, wine spilled, lover slumber

beside the bloody scarlet eyes.

Though cut in half, shall be your number

'tis not lost, wherein your advantage lies.


Amuse yourself with the entr'acte.

Seek out new friends once in a bind.

Perhaps to the east one can be tracked

the one most needed, you're sure to find.


“The calendar loses a precious component.
The remaining months gather to mourn.
The mourners play a melody,
While the eleventh moon quietly rises.

The chrysanthemum withers and falls,
To lie on the ground beside bloody Scarlet Eyes.
But you will remain supreme.
Even after losing half your limbs.

Enjoy the interlude.
Search out new allies.
East is the direction to go.
You will find one who awaits you."


Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus
Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus
Huic ergo parce deus
Pie jesu,jesu domine
Dona eis reqiuem
Dona eis reqiuem

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