Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

Confutatis maledictis,
flammis acribus addictis,
voca me cum benedictis.

Oro supplex et acclinis,
cor contritum quasi cinis,
gere curam mei finis.

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One point about the movie that is often overlooked is that salieri is a master too. He is one of the few who immediately recognizes and appreciates Mozarts full genius. And what he does in this scene, writing down the exact notes based on Mozarts very compressed instructions is very hard technically.


You’re overthinking. This is not how it happens, this full part of the movie is fictive.
The only theory of Salieri planning Mozart’s end by the command of the Requiem has never been proved.

thomas Romano

@Mr Mathh I don't believe Salieri was actually a mediocre composer. In the movie, yes, in reality, no. And I don't believe that a person's gifts, whether good or not so good, come from God.

Mr Mathh

And thats his curse, Salieri's talented enough to see and understand the genius of Mozart without ever being able to achieve it, in his own words "he was god's biggest mediocrity"

thomas Romano

I would say impossible to write that fast. Yes, I agree, Salieri was a master too, unfairly exploited in this movie as being a mediocre composer. Not so. Salieri was highly respected in his lifetime as a composer and teacher. I intensely dislike how Hollywood has so black-and-white villainized Salieri. I also dislike the term "God-given genius" because it elevates some people with talent, as though God favors some people over others. Still, I liked this movie for the sake of its artistry and acting.


He is a great man, recognizing a genius without jealousy is such a quality

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As someone in their late 20’s who is just beginning to study music theory and has a tenuous grasp of notes themselves, I can honestly say it is nothing short of miraculous that someone was able come up with this on their own. Absolutely mind-blowing…


@Zedas someone with a degree in Psychology this made me laugh literally out loud. Everyones brain is different. Mozart without a doubt was Autistic coupled with an IQ easily over 160. Those coupled with perfect pitch, musical memory, and extensive musical training from a young age. Basically Mozart was profoundly talented from the start and his brain was then wired to think about Music. Each aspect is very rare on their own but when they culminate it becoming clear as to why Mozart seems a step above anyone else who has written Music. He is a profound intellect. Not many rival his genius, maybe Einstein, Da Vinci, Newton, Plato? There is an argument to be made that he possessed the greatest intellect for a given field.

6-D Pegasus

@Zed then do it

Son Do

Study hard brother, read and Copy the scores, sing everything You can, try to write scores You already copied, but do it by heart, learn to play piano, even if you are focusing on other instrument.

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