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by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Recordare Jesu pie,
quod sum causa tuae viae,
ne me perdas illa die.

Quaerens me sedisti lassus,
redemisti crucem passus;
tantus labor non sit cassus.

Juste judex ultionis,
donum fac remissionis ante diem rationis.

Ingemisco tanquam reus,
culpa rubet vultus meus;
supplicanti parce Deus.

Qui Mariam absolvisti,
et latronem exaudisti,
mihi quoque spem dedisti.

Preces meae non sum dignae,
sed tu, bonus, fac benigne,
ne perenni cremer igne.

Inter oves locum praesta,
et ab hoedis me sequestra,
statuens in parte dextra.

Contributed by Riley I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


My favorite movement of the whole Requiem. Absolutely heavenly. <3

Snail Male

For me, the meaning of the lyrics make it even better. It is a magnificent poem and Mozart just added more spirituality to the meaning through his composition.

Mister Austria

Johnny Salvesen Yeah, I'm the same opinion! Soooo emotinaly, sometimes I must cry during hearing that!

Sebastian NoSurname

this is great

Alanje Santos


Ed Van

My favorite of requiem
What a wonderful masterpiece

Wilfried Berk

Mozart: Requiem
Philippe Herreweghe 


Beautiful singing! Some of the best I've heard on this piece!

Matthew Wiseman

Seriously, who recorded this? I need to know.

Michael Angelus

Thank God for margotlorena2.

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