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by Eric Clapton


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Miloš Němec

Eric Clapton makes it looks so easy. But actually it's pretty difficult to play.

Joshua Noronha

It's actually pretty easy once you get the rhythm correct. It's a pluck and slap technique. The chord work is simple.

Petr Kre

My guitar teacher want to show me how to play. He said: It looks hard (the notes too) but actually it's easy...


Yeh, it's deceptive. I'm trying to get my head around it at the moment. The more I get into the more I appreciate it. There's some subtle muting going on. I'm trying to thumb slap it at the moment to get the rhythm right to drive everything else but should be able to back of the intensity of that to mimic Clapton, either way it's a great song


The most hard in this is rhythm, however it is intermediate song

Ward Dolfin

what's up with buzzfeed? i'm here from the original CD

stan Kahumai

Who came here from the actual album?

Christopher Parco

Found an old cassette, I don't have a cassette player so I decided to find the songs written on the cover here on youtube. Born in the wrong generation? Think again.


More Triangle!

Daniel Lee

SleepyBoBos no, more cowbell

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