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One Hot Minute
Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

Aeroplane I like pleasure spiked with pain And music is my aeroplane I…
Coffee Shop I am just a lousy bum Searching for the unknown crumb The…
Deep Kick It started when we were little kids Free spirits but…
Falling Into Grace What ever never knew that I could feel so good I…
My Friends My friends are so depressed I feel the question Of your lone…
One Big Mob (I am you are me) (I am you are me) good…
One Hot Minute I was riding Riding on my bike Me with my friend We're so…
Pea I'm a little pea I love the sky and the trees I'm…
Shallow Be Thy Game I was not created In the likeness of a fraud Your hell…
Tearjerker Could you turn up the track a little bit, please My…
Transcending You are my god, you are my dog You kept me…
Walkabout I think I'll go on a walkabout And find out what…
Warped My tendency For dependency Is offending me It's upending me …

Alex Alvarez

on Californication

People who harness the power of the mind try to manipulate your emotions

Young girls aspire to Hollywood fame and fortune while reciting memorable movie quotes

If you desire superficial fame and materialistic success, California is the place to be

California represents the epitome of the quintessential Western society

Although the sun rises in the East, California remains a constant and established location in contrast to the ever-changing world

Hollywood creates and sells the illusion of the California dream

Spend a lot of money to prevent or delay the physical symptoms of aging

The superficial appearance of celebrities can be deceiving; they may be fighting a personal battle to maintain their image

The rarities and impossible things that are unique to California

The explicit and suggestive nature of the entertainment industry in California

Marry me and be my inspiration to create new things and leave a mark in the world

Young women with information and resources at their disposal may make decisions that lead them down certain paths, such as becoming pregnant at a young age

Owning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a symbol of achieving fame and fortune, representative of the Californian dream

Despite space being seen as the most uncertain and mysterious frontier, the idea of it is created by Hollywood and is not a reality

Kurt Cobain, who died before the song was written, may still be listening to music in another realm

The fictional planet Alderaan from Star Wars represents another aspect of the Californian dream or illusion created by Hollywood

People in California are often raised with the idea that control over population is important and necessary

Everyone has experienced being controlled or manipulating others in some way, which is not limited to people being on vacation

While destruction can lead to difficult times, it can also provide the opportunity for new and creative things to be born

Earthquakes, which may be seen as destructive and terrifying, can also be seen as inspiring or beneficial, similar to how a girl's guitar strings vibrate to produce beautiful music

Even in the face of disaster, the draw and allure of the Californian dream or illusion created by Hollywood remains strong

There is no way to measure someone's mental or emotional state, but perhaps you crave these superficial things that come with the Californian illusion

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