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Filthy Teddy
Roy Buchanan Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


This is one of the best blues guitar songs written by one of the most underated guitarist ever!


+fendersting He changed guitar playing as we know it. Right up there with Charlie Christian, Django, Hendrix, Van Halen. The first of the Tele-men to brutalize, assault, cajole, seduce everything out of a Fender Tele you can get out of one.

Nathaniel Dewey

I was born in '75, my parents had this album around for many years, I had looked at it many times but never listened to it. I was a little metal head at the time. I don't think my jaw dropped as hard from any other piece of music as when I finally played this album. Roy was brilliant.


Bought my '73 Tele because of this song. Attended many of his concerts in the '70's and never disappointed. In many ways similar to Rory Gallagher, he was meant to burn bright for the short time he was here. For those who were able to cross paths and witness it live, we are forever thankful. Great post King Cobra - many thanks.


Awesome stuff. Many thanks, Boogie N Blues. From Macedonia

Egbert Mckracken

The great Roy, Master of the Telecaster.

Robert Klouse

Losing his wife... So tragic 💔
Great guitar player.

Mark Freedman

Roy Buchanan at the Lone Star Cafe in NYC, dropped jaws and so good you had to laugh sometimes.




Thanks for uploading this

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