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Cats and Dogs
The Head and the Heart Lyrics

Somewhere underneath the floorboard
I will sweep my garden
Underneath the cupboard
Lives a mouse
And he discovered there was nothing there
Nothing there to discover

Falling from the sky
There are raindrops in my eyes
And my thoughts are digging in the back yard
My roots are grown but I don't know where they are

Don't know where they are
I don't know where they are
My roots are grown but I don't know where they are

Cats and dogs and rooster calls
Telephones and pay phone stalls
They take away
The lonely days
And now

They take away
The lonely days
For now

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Comments from YouTube:


As soon as this song ends my mind immediately starts singing coeur d'Alene

Charlotte Sullivan

Wow seven years since this comment

flower crowns

This music video puts a smile on my face :)

sajal SG

Flower crowns, all of their videos do.


That's kind of the beauty of it though, it leaves you wanting more and then the next track "coeur d'alene follows up just perfectly. Sounds like an extension to cats and dogs if you didn't know it...


I can't explain how much I love this band! They are just amazing!

Karl Bursa

This song is so amazing, but it is just too damned short!!!! I want it to go on forever :)

kuy kg

this band is so freaking all around awesome.


You have no idea how incredible awesome it was seeing them live...

Amara Cruentus

I remember years ago, my sister and I fought because of this song. 😂 She said the sound effect was so cute and asked me if I heard the urf urf but I said I only heard a *meow*. She kept replaying that part to prove it was a dog sound, but I was firm that it was a cat. She thought I was just pissing her off, making stuff up. It took us several minutes before we figured out we both ACTUALLY heard correctly. It's just that we were each using different sides of the earphones hahaha

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