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An Ending
by Brian Eno

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Neil Pearce

I was 13 (back in 1989) when my mum started complaining about stomach pains, and for months she would get up in the morning, make us breakfast, make sure we're ready for school, and once we've gone, she would go back to bed. Two weeks before my 14th birthday, she was rushed to hospital unable to move, and in so much pain. The doctors later found out she had severe acute pancreatitis, and was in serious trouble. Before they could do anything for her, she slipped into a coma and was put on a life support machine. 

My mum never got the chance to see my 14th birthday, and I never got to say goodbye as it all happened so quick. Her life support machine was turned off a week after my birthday and listening to music like this not only makes me sad, but also appreciative of what we have. Yes the worlds going mad, but for 4:26 seconds, the world is mine! 

Brian Oconnell

Neil Pearce I admire u!

Minty’s GT

WOW, i cant claim any story like that, what fits the music so beautifully and innocent at the same time, but i truly believe 4 mins and 26 seconds i to feel appreciative of what we have, even when the world seems like its wants to keep you at your knees but for this short moment of time the music here heals the soul just enough to let you know all is ok again, God bless ya Neil


Goosebumps all over my body.

Stay strong


Oh my goodness. I’ve just discovered this track and read your story. Profoundly sorry to hear of your loss. This music is ethereal and hope it still brings you solace xxx


I felt your pain, been there

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Niall Farrell

This tune makes me forget how fat and alone I am


Logan Roy ..Jesus is always with us

Mark Jaggi

@Gilberto Romo I am happy you found peace! We all come to know our spirituality in our own way. God bless you.

Gilberto Romo

Mark Jaggi Amen Mark the thing is we’re never alone no matter what I believe in God and God is spirit so he is everywhere, also I been through a break up and I was going through a rough time like really rough but you know as time passes I feel peace, and comfort, Thanks To God I know that spirit is where all life comes inside is the true life, spirit is stronger than flesh and when you look to the outside for answers I feel unsatisfied, the truest realest answers come from the inside comes from Jesus, God, I Tell You The Truth ❤️ there’s a creator, Our Heavenly Father I Wonder Do You Know Him? Do You Really Know Him?

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