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Prelude for Time Feelers
Eluvium Lyrics

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So I think it took a tragedy for me to finally understand what the title meant. "time feelers" as in people who are very aware of their own mortality, of the passage of time and how people around them grow up.

Juan David Payán Fernández

How people comes and goes with it.


For me it's different. I think of Ed Harris in the hours saying to Meryl Streep who is trying to talk him off the ledge, "But, I still have to face the hours. And, the hours after that." And I always see Robin Williams when listening to this song.

Martin Grahan

Time feelers means melancholy. Every past second/day/year is unique and will never be back or repeated.

Karlan Meyers

This was essentially my thesis for a paper I wrote on my sick mother for college


Beautiful, touching and interesting explanation... Eluvium is a great composer & is really one of my main influences, feel free to check my songs in my channel ...

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Narrated in Morgan Freeman's voice.  "... and there he stood ...and realized, it wasn't the end of the world, but only the beginning."  -- as the camera slowly pans away into the clouds and seas.  

I should be a director.

Michael Amaral Aguiar Matos

I could imagine this so perfectly!

Andrew McIntyre

" and he stood there... only now realising that indeed the world would not end... only, a new one would begin."

Jeremy D

that, my friend, is on point

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