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Heroes of Might & Magic III Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Tyler Bennett

This video is just one slog fest after another.

I recently commented on a video saying that you didn't have to play as efficiently as you were. But this video right here is where I'm glad you play so efficiently.

Great starts? Play fast and loose, just have fun with it. Go crazy and amass 2k skeletons or 20 Archangels

Bad starts? Play efficiently, carve out every advantage you can and come out victorious.

I'm only 25% done with your let's play list but I'm happy to see where it goes from here

All comments from YouTube:

Je suis Achmed

"I think I might be finished in under 3 hours and break my record :^)"

Gabriel Karsyn

@Avery Nicholas testing it out right now. Seems promising.

Avery Nicholas

dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Find it on google :D


Ha! Good joke, MeKick. :')


It is said that the ore pile near your town is still crying today for not being a part of your dragon cliffs. What a sad story :(

Marc Groetsch

TheKnownWorld campfire can give 4-6 ore


:'D #RIPOre

Sammy Blue

"Speaking of which there is a Witch Hut". I giggled.


Oh, you cheeky one you... that pun was non-intentional. ;_;

Son of North

30:38 "i might be able to finish this video fast" :D

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