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Lights Please
J. Cole Lyrics

Yeah, I had this little bad thing something like them tens
She gave a nigga mad brain, something like The Wiz
But you see the sad thing fuckin' with her is
Is the chick ain't even have brains, dummy like a bitch
So I tried to show her about the world and about just who we really are
And where we've come and how we still have to go really far
Like "baby, look at how we live broke on the boulevard"
But all she ever want me to do is unhook her bra
Then all I really want is for her to go down low
Before you know it, she wet enough to get drowned slow
And all that deep shit I was previously down for
Replaced by freak shit I am currently down for
You see I peeped it, pussy is power
That proud feeling we get knowin' that pussy is ours
And how it feels to feel that feeling
You feeling when you be drillin' that shit
Got her sayin' you be killin' that shit
And all the pain the world cause she be healin' that shit
And naw that ain't your girl, dog, but you be feelin' that chick
And you just wanna tell her everything she might need
But in the meantime it's lights please

Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights,
For now everything just seems so right,
And how you make the darkness seem so bright,
I'm feeling like things gon' be alright

Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights,
For now everything just seems so right,
And how you make the darkness seem so bright,
I'm feeling like things gon' be alright

So now we in the hotel, mirrors on the ceiling
She say she wanna blow Ls, I hear her and I'm willin'
But every time I smoke, well, a nigga mind gone
So that every word I spoke, well, I'm tryin' to put her on
But she couldn't hear me
I told her all about how we been living a lie
And that they love to see us all go to prison or die
Like "baby, look at how they show us on the TV screen"
But all she ever want me to do is unzip her jeans
Then all I really want is for her to get on top
Before you know it, she workin', jerkin' it nonstop
And all that next shit I was previously talkin'
Is now that wet shit that I'm currently lost in
And while that sweat drip, I am reminded
All the times my brother told me that pussy is blindin'
I'm findin', the more I grow, the more y'all seem to stay the same
Don't even know the rules but yet y'all tryin' to play the game
And ain't it shameful, how niggas blame hoes for givin' birth
To a baby that took two to make, coward nigga you a fake
How you gonna look in your son's face and turn your back
Then go start another family, dawg, what type of shit is that?
She said it's okay, rub my head and told me to relax
Laid a nigga down proper, like she was recording tracks
Said "I know you wanna change the world but for the night please
Just reach over and hit the lights please"

Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights,
For now everything just seems so right,
And how you make the darkness seem so bright,
I'm feeling like things gon' be alright

Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights,
For now everything just seems so right,
And how you make the darkness seem so bright,
I'm feeling like things gon' be alright

Lights please
Lights please
Lights please
Lights please
Turn off the lights
Lights please

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Aden Rewolinski

This is a tale of the lost Kellogg’s cereal. I woke up on one fine Sunday afternoon and I was out of Frosted Flakes. This was not a good thing because that is the best way to start your day after all, with a nice cold bowl of Frosted Flakes. So I was sad about not having the flakes so I head out to go get some. I got in my car and drove to K-mart, I didn’t want to shop at K-mart but it was one of the closes stores near me. I finally got to K-mart after a nice 15 minute drive. I parked my car and headed in to get what I enjoy most in life. I got a shopping car and of course it was one of the shopping carts with the messed up wheel so it was annoying to push. I didn’t let the cart stop me so I headed to the cereal isle, and what I saw shook me to core. There was no Kellogg’s cereal at all,
“no” I screamed. No cereal was bad, but I saw Tony the Tiger crying on the ground. I went over to him and I asked,
“what happened to all of your Kellogg’s brand cereal?”
He said, “ gone all of it is gone, there is nothing left, nothing more.”
I said,”let’s go find the people responsible and bring them to justice,” I said that knowing full well I only care about one thing and that was getting my Frosted Flakes that I so truly deserve. Tony the Tiger looked so sad and pitiful I wanted to help him just not that much.
Tony the tiger said, “ thank you so much kind sir.”
I said,”any day, now do you know who would’ve done this?”
Tony the Tiger said,” it was probably the mob, they are trying to illegally corner the cereal market and run me out of business, if I can’t sell cereal I will go bankrupt.”
“There’s no way I’m going to let that happen,” I said to merely comfort him.
I waited by Tony the Tiger for a good two minutes before I asked,
"shouldn't we get going, waiting around being sad won’t get us anywhere.” As soon as I asked that he sprung up and said,
“let’s get going.” I just followed him out of the K-mart, and everybody was staring at me like they would help Tony the Tiger if they were I my situation. We set off on our journey of fame, fortune, and revenge. I got into the driver seat of my car, and as soon as I did that Tony the Tiger said,
“what are you doing?”
I said,” I’m about to drive us to where we need to go.”
He said,” no you’re not Tony the Tiger always drives.”
“Fine get in the driver seat then,” I said just trying to get out of the K-mart parking lot. I looked over at Tony the Tiger and he started messing with my seat setting and my mirrors. It just hurt to watch because I know I’m never going to get them back to the way they were. Tony the Tiger and I set off for real this time. I asked him,
“where are we going?”
He said, "to the docks, these low life mobsters away hang around there.”
I said,” do you think that’s where they’re keeping the Frosted Flakes?”
“At least I hope that’s where they are keeping not just the Frosted Flakes, but all of Kellogg’s great cereal.” When we arrived at the docks it was around two pm, not the best time for sneaking around, but that didn't stop the six-foot-tall tiger and the loud man form doing it anyways. Tony the Tiger and I were sneaking around until we heard a mobster start talking to one of his friends.
“When did the flakes ship out?”
“I think around three hours ago.”
“What are we doing with the rest of the Kellogg’s cereal?”
“We are just throwing it into the Ocean, what else would we do with it?”
That was all we could hear before they walked too far away from us. I told tony,
“we should find a logbook or something so we can find out where these bastards shipped the Frosted Flakes to.” We looked over at where the mobster just was and there was something on the ground. We went to investigate and very conveniently it was the logbook filled with all the happenings at the port that day. The logbook showed that the Frosted Flakes were shipped to a port a few hours away.
I said,” I think we should go after the Frosted Flakes even if it means we have to go to extreme measures.”
Tony the Tiger said,” I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“How are we going to get to that port?” I asked
“We are going to use the secret Kellogg’s submarine to get there.”
Conveniently the submarine was nearby so we used that to tail the ship. It took us a few hours to get to the port where the Frosted Flakes are. I was glad to use the submarine because it was surprisingly spacious on the inside. There was a nice lounge area with a bunch of Kellogg’s products, but they didn’t have Frosted Flakes which was odd because Frosted Flakes are Kellogg’s bestselling products. I called Tony the Tiger over and asked,
“why don’t you have any Frosted Flakes on board?”
Tony the Tiger said,” we always have them on board this submarine.” Then he looked around and couldn’t find any. It was at that moment that we realized something was wrong. If there weren’t any Frosted Flakes on board then that means someone took them and we started panicking, the enemy had been aboard and that only means bad things. We had to leave right away and that’s what we did. We just opened up the submarine hatch and swam up to the surface and as soon as we did that the submarine exploded. Only one thought went through my mind at that moment, I thought I could’ve been in there and I could’ve died for a god damn bowl of Frosted Flakes; would it really be worth it? The real question is, is life worth living without Frosted Flakes? I’m sure my answer will vary throughout my life, but I will always lean towards no, there is no life without Frosted Flakes. We made it to the surface, and it was almost like there was a ship waiting for us, it was the ship we were tailing. They gladly took us aboard as prisoners and they said they would let us off at the next port. Tony the Tiger and I knew they wouldn’t be making it to the next port. We threw what we thought the whole crew was overboard. The boss was still on board. The mob boss said,
“Joe you should just take this bowl of Frosted Flakes and this boat then get on with your life on leave this tiger behind.” I am ashamed to admit I took the bowl of Frosted Flakes; I didn’t realize how hungry I was until the boss uttered the words Frosted Flakes. I took him up on his offer and left Tony the Tiger on the boat to his fate, after all this was his battle, not mine. That was my day with Tony the Tiger, it started with no Frosted Flakes, but it ended with Frosted Flakes, which was nice. I still wonder if leaving Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes was worth it. Am I a soldier of fortune or am I a soldier of Flakes, that I will never know.

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Ivan B

This song is one of my all time favorites in hiphop

Rawlyn Prescod

Facts favourite song from the warm up

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His mixtapes were so good, his mixtapes and born sinner were instant classics

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The UT

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Same bro

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When he finally remembered his YouTube password

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Google Account was like huh ah!🤣🤣✋

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The silent channel

😂😂😂😂Dang !!

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