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The Land Beloved By The Goddess
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel Morris

Jeralt's narration sounds like a dad who's tired of rereading the same bedtime story every single night, and I love it.


FUCK. How did I not realize that's his voice???

Sehaj Kaler

Wait it’s Jeralt!?!?!


Fuck yeah it's Jeralt.

Yajle Gaite (nomogi) 🖋️

wait it was jeralt wHAT

Phantom Slash

Aha, I knew I recognized the voice

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Matcha Mochi

I love that the narrator is Jeralt, because it makes the endings of the routes that much sweeter. A father beyond the grave reading out what his child has accomplished and their legacy for years to come.

Tanker Minion

David Lodge deserves all the awards for this storytelling.


Tanker Minion Imagine if he read the narrations as Jirya or Fake Igor from Persona 5!

Sakayil Shackal

@TMX1138 My, my!

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