Lothlórien / Lament for Gandalf
Howard Shore Lyrics

(Verse 1: Quenya)

A Olórin i yáresse
Mentaner i Númeherui
Tírien i Rómenóri
Maiaron i Oiosaila
Manan elye etevanne
Nórie i melanelye?

(Verse 2 and 3: Sindarin)

Mithrandir, Mithrandir, A Randir Vithren
Ú-reniathach i amar galen
I reniad lín ne môr, nuithannen
In gwidh ristennin, i fae narchannen
I lach Anor ed ardhon gwannen
Calad veleg, ethuiannen.


English Translations:

Olórin, who once was...
Sent by the Lords of the West
To guard the lands of the East
Wisest of all Maiar
What drove you to leave
That which you loved?

Mithrandir, Mithrandir, O Pilgrim Grey
No more will you wander the green fields of this earth
Your journey has ended in darkness.
The bonds but, the spirit broken
The Flame of Anor has left this World
A great light, has gone out.

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Comments from YouTube:

Asma Khairul Azman

"A lament for Gandalf."
"What do they say about him?"
"I have not the heart to tell you. For me the grief is still too near."

Henk Janssen

Thank you for highlighting this small part... I recently re-watched the movies and was struck at how beautiful the language and the conversations, and just the overall way people express themselves in these films are. I never noticed that as a child.

ᒪEGOᒪᗩᔕ GᖇEEᑎᒪEᗩᖴ

~Legolas Greenleaf


The red sun rises

Fangirl Evie2

I really love this soundtrack, because Lothlorien is a second home for me


“All who look upon her fall under her spell...” Indeed. <3

Corallus Caninus

Does anyone have the music when Frodo gets given the phial of Galadriel?

Robert Reid

1:14 to 2:16 just amazing. Always loved this film trilogy's music.

Dilara Ray


Kvothe TM

@Dilara Ray "Gandalf'a ağıt" ı izlemelisin bence türkçe versiyonu denilebilir çok iyi yapılmış :D

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