The Treason of Isengard
Howard Shore Lyrics

Shre nazg golugranu kilmi-nudu
Ombi kuzddurbagu gundum-ishi
Nugu gurunkilu bard gurutu
Ash Burz-Durbagu burzum-ishi
Daghburz-ishi makha gulshu darulu.
[Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul]
Daghburz-ishi makha gulshu darulu.

Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi. Akha - gum-ishi ashi gurum.
Nubin sherkuk, rakhizinash, matizinashuk, matizin Umbruk.

'Three rings for-Elven-kings under-sky
Seven for-dwarf-lords in-halls
Nine for-mortals doomed to-die
One for-Dark-Lord in-darkness
in-Mordor where shadows lie.
[One Ring to-rule-them-all, One Ring to-find-them,
One Ring to-bring-them-all and in-the-Darkness bind-them]
in-Mordor where shadows lie.'

'There-is-no life in-the-cold, in-the-dark. Here - in-the-void only death.
I-smell your-blood. I-shall-devour-it, eat-it-all - eat-all the-world.'

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Comments from YouTube:

Nate Chamberlain-Marks

the hour grows late, and Gandalf the grey rides to isengard. seeking my counsel


I just want the beginning part to be extended has anybody done it?

Franklin J. Ells

2:54 to the end is my favorit part plus the end just screams SARUMAN!! SARUMAN!!! SARUMAN!!!!

Jason Hess

It's funny I can play the whole scene in my head because of this song

Nate Chamberlain-Marks


Victor Jechart

“You are sure of it?”
“All this time it was in the Shire. Under my very nose.”
“And yet you did not have the wit to see it? Your love of the Halfling’s leaf has clearly slowed your mind.“
“But we still have time. Time enough to counter Sauron if we act quickly -“
“Time? What time do you think we have?”

Impending Doom

1:55 yes! Yes! YES!

zan ponlapat

3:18 Dag Burzum-ishi : in the Darkness
clever use of Tolkien's language


0:50/1:55 Just MAGIC !

Olivia Neukam

Oo there are some similar notes to "For Frodo" in parts of this

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