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Amon Hen
by Howard Shore

I tuo i macil
[A]staldoron mauri
nai Cor[ma]
I tuo i macil
Á lelyat túrenna

I alda helda, i ehtele lína
Manna lelyalye Voromírë?
Sí massë...

Contributed by Zoe J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Boromir died like a BOSS. Took two arrows in the chest and just kept on going and killing orcs until the third one finally downed him!

And then the first thing he says when Aragorn goes to check on him is his concern for the Hobbits. What a guy... Eru-speed, my friend. TT__TT

FishLettuce _

Dreigonix Sean Bean always dies like a boss when he’s in fantasy and has medium length hair, literally embodying a god to kill a demon is badass as hell

Nyarlathotep Flagg

15 years later, having seen the movie hundreds of times in my youth. Still gives you chills.


Nice com for a Metallica fan !

Commander Z

How much Long-Bottom Leaf did Howard have to smoke to make this?

thomas gassenmeyer


Dave Jellison

2:08 gives purpose to life.

Cloudless Studio


Omar Barrios

When I go out and fall..I want that last part to be playing in the background


Fellen Denegerous

Legolas looking badass one shotting uruk hai

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