Amon Hen
Howard Shore Lyrics

I tuo i macil
[A]staldoron mauri
nai Cor[ma]
I tuo i macil
Á lelyat túrenna

I alda helda, i ehtele lína
Manna lelyalye Voromírë?
Sí massë...

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caner mustafa süleyman

Go frodo, run, run!
Mr frodo! (Chlink chlink)
Find the halfling, aarh, FIND THE HALFLING!
Aragorn go!
Hide here, quick! Whats he doing?
He's leaving. NOO! Run frodo, go!
Hey, hey you, (hey) over here, overhere (this way)
Its working, (I know its working run!)
Huaaaah (most epic entering by stopping giant axe)
BAAB BAAB BAAB! Horn of gondor?
Ruun! Ruuuun!
Ugh! ...
AARH, sigh
Aaaaaaarrrr (aaaaarrrr)
breathes, swallows
arrow drawing voice
closes eyes
HIRRAAAAGGH! (Aragorn has entered the chat)
"They took the little ones..."
White city will not fall!
I would've followed you my brother. My captain. My king...
Be at peace, son of gondor.
(Boromir has left the chat)

FUCKING BEST PART EVER! God damn it I love lotr so much...


Legolas: "Boromir's blowing his horn. He's in trouble."

Aragorn: "And you left him alone, you moron? Do you know who's playing him?"

Legolas: "Yeah, Sean Bean."

Aragorn: "And do you know what happens to Sean Bean in everything he's in, you stupid blond?"

Legolas: "He gets k... HOLY SHIT!"

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Pennywise TheClown

When I watch the Lord of the rings it makes me want to live again.

Cristian Joaquin

@Emerson Fox No problem :)

Emerson Fox

@Cristian Joaquin Thanks, signed up and it seems like a nice service :) Appreciate it !!

Cristian Joaquin

@Emerson Fox Flixportal xD

Emerson Fox

I realize I am pretty randomly asking but does anybody know of a good place to watch new series online?

Robert R

Please stop murdering our children.

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This extended version is so much better


“From the Gate of Kings, the North Wind rides and past the roaring falls, and clear and cold about the Tower it’s loud horn calls.

What news from the North oh mighty wind do you bring to me today? What news of Boromir the tall? For he is long away.

Beneath Amon Hen I heard his cry; there many foes he fought. His cloven shield, his broken sword they to the water brought. His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid to rest, and Rauros, golden Rauros Falls, bore him upon its breast.

Oh Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze. To Rauros, golden Rauros Falls, until the end of days.”

Jonathan Bradley

10:06 Gets me man, the part where Boromir knows he's been fatally wounded but he refuses to give up and leave Merry and Pippin to suffer and die at the Uruks hands, fighting desperately to protect his friends.


I have to say, I admire Boromir as a character. He had flaws like the rest of us, but he still had honor.

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