Flight to the Ford
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Tinuviel elvanui
Elleth alfirin edhelhael
O hon ring finnil fuinui
A renc gelebrin thiliol...

'Tinuviel [the] elven-fair,
Immortal maiden elven-wise,
About him cast [her] night-dark hair,
And arms [like] silver glimmering...'

Overall Meaning

The lyrics are taken from Howard Shore's composition "Flight to the Ford," which is a part of his soundtrack for the movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." The song plays during a pivotal scene in the movie when the character Arwen, an elf princess, is riding on horseback with the wounded character Frodo towards the safety of the elven city of Rivendell. The first four lines are sung in Sindarin, an Elvish language that J.R.R. Tolkien invented for his Middle-earth stories.

Line by Line Meaning

Tinuviel elvanui
Tinuviel who is beautiful, elven and gracious

Elleth alfirin edhelhael
Elleth who is revered for her nobility and is full of elven grace

O hon ring finnil fuinui
She weaves into her hair a wreath of nightshade with a silvery gleam

A renc gelebrin thiliol...
She embraces Aragorn, and with love they depart on the journey towards the ford

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