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Twisted Nerve
by Bernard Herrmann


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Kartikeya Srivastava

The original source of the whistle is the film Twisted Nerve released in 1968. Neither Kill Bill nor American Horror Story (though I must say, that I love both).

Belle 35 years ago

I just watched kill Bill btw the manga girls a badass

Random Name

@666 jordan Apparently you don't even care about proper English, so I'm not surprised you dont like "old shit". Any classical music from any of the masters absolutely shits on modern music.


Thanks for this info. I love a good whistler and it's such a rarity today to find one.

Andrés Ríos

We know how to read titles, but thanks, I guess.

Patrick Hamilton

HONESTLY, i would had killed and more if I were her and done more than she did. Yes I'm a man.

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Cory J.

i cant tell if this song is creepy, sad, or anything else along those lines.


Cory Jordan shit go hard

Jean-Vie II

Chill just

Untitled: G.e

It’s supposed to be creepy originally from a film called twisted nerve where this guy with a split personality goes on a murder spree

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