The Black Rider
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Nebabitham Maganane
Netabdam daurad
Nepam ned abarat-aglar
ido Nidir nenakham
Bari 'n Katharad

'We deny our maker.
We cling to the darkness.
We grasp for ourselves power and glory.

Now we come, the Nine,
Lords of Eternal Life.

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Howard Shore’s song “The Black Rider” is centered around the idea of denying the creator, grasping darkness for oneself and the lords of eternal life. The first verse, “Nebabitham Maganane, Netabdam daurad, Nepam ned abarat-aglar, ido Nidir nenakham, Bari 'n Katharad” is written in an unknown language, but the translation of the verse is, “We deny our maker, we cling to darkness, we grasp for ourselves power and glory, now we come, the Nine, Lords of Eternal Life.” The verse deals with the idea of denying God, and how people tend to seek power and control over things, often neglecting the fact that there is a higher power.

The last line of the verse, “Now we come, the Nine, Lords of Eternal Life,” refers to The Nazgul or the Ringwraiths from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. The Nazgul are depicted as dark, menacing creatures that have forsaken their former lives and serve the dark lord, Sauron. They are essentially anti-heroes or antagonists who have denied their maker (in this case, good and light) and cling to darkness. The lyrics, therefore, symbolize the power struggle between the forces of darkness and light.

Line by Line Meaning

Nebabitham Maganane
We reject the one who created us

Netabdam daurad
We hold onto the shadows

Nepam ned abarat-aglar
We desire authority and greatness for ourselves

ido Nidir nenakham
Here we are, the Nine of us

Bari 'n Katharad
Masters of Everlasting Life

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