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The Battle of Krokodilopolis
Sarah Schachner Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sarah Schachner:

Ragnarok Geyr nú Garmr mjök fyr Gnipahelli, festr mun slitna en freki…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jordan Juliano

I completed every quest in this game and I miss it so much I just run around the world on my horse looking for something to do lol. At least I still hear this song for 30 seconds every time I gallop past a hippo lair.


@TRITON K175 I've actually been stacking New Game Plus's over and over on this game; I think I have all skills unlocked plus 20 points spent on each Master skill. Let's just say that even enemies in Nightmare Mode stand no chance against me at this point.


Do New Game Plus. 😇😇😇

Liz M

Ah, the theme of "I'm going to be sneaky." "HALT!" "So much for that!"

Dank Ninja

This theme only plays on predator encounters though, I believe


I love this track. There's something so epic and emotional about it. Definitely my favorite from this game.

Rezvani Commando

This song only comes into play when your fighting Predators.

Ryan_the _aviation_geek

Yep and when you fast travel

G0diear 16

Also loading screens???

Tom Cruise

It plays sometimes when you fast travel.

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