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Idle Moments
by Grant Green

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Bryan L.V.

I understand that people have different tastes in music but, come on bruh. How can someone hit that dislike button?


Because they are absolutely DEAF :)

Sophia Perennis

You guys realize that a lot of those negative ratings are just people who hit the dislike button by mistake because they watched this on a phone, right?

Even on a big computer screen it's easy to click the wrong button.

Srđan Popović

​@Z A It`s sad when you have all of this technology and you are still going for shitty things.You got 20 gigabytes of memory,torrents,soulseeks,special music pages with critics etc. and you still download bieber`s music (for example).

Reddy Reyalls

@Dheep' P This is one of Grant's very best! Duke Pearson deserves a lot of credit on this, too! Another great performance by Grant is on Lou Donaldson's Here Tis!

Kelvin O'Connell

@D.J. TRAX lmao

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i been listing to rock and metal all my life. Just decided to look up some jazz and Grant Green is amazing.

Shawn Goodine

@M T Gives props for not being a narrow-minded cunt while being a narrow-minded cunt.

Jean-Christophe Desrosiers

I am really into jazz and dungeons & dragons. It's not a phase, mom!


Welcome, we've missed you and where have you been? Kudos for expanding your tastes beyond the dungeons and dragons/marvel comics phase...most never make it out alive.

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