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Perfect Skin
Lloyd Cole Lyrics

I choose my friends only far too well
I'm up on the pavement, they're all down in the cellar
With their government grants and my I.Q.
They brought me down to size, academia blues
Louise is a girl, I know her well
She's up on the pavement, yes she's a weather girl
And I'm staying up here so I may be undone
She's inappropriate, but then she's much more fun and
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
She's got perfect skin
Shame on you, you've got no sense of grace, shame on me
Ah just in case I might come to a conclusion
Other than that which is absolutely necessary
And that's perfect skin
Louise is the girl with the perfect skin
She says turn on the light, otherwise it can't be seen
She's got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin
And she's sexually enlightened by cosmopolitan and
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
For her perfect skin
Yeah that's perfect skin
She takes me down to the basement to look at her slides
Of her family life, pretty weird at times
At the age of ten she looked like greta garbo
And I loved her then, but how was she to know that
When she smiles my way
My eyes go out in vain
She's got perfect skin
Up eight flights of stairs to her basement flat
Pretty confused huh, being shipped around like that
Seems we climbed so high now we're down so low
Strikes me the moral of this song must be there never has been one

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Written by: LLOYD COLE

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Comments from YouTube:

Mark Jacobs

By far, the best version of this tune on youtube. Love Quine. Could've mixed the organ it bit lower though.


yep. just wondering if there's a way to surgically remove the Hammond blanket

Ghost Driver

I saw Lloyd Cole on the tour for his first solo album in London, Quine was with him on that tour and I am forever grateful to have seen the genius of his underrated talent.

Giorgio Curcetti

People used to say to the musicians who played with Lloyd Cole: "Wow, you played with Lloyd Cole!" . Nowadays all people ever say to Lloyd Cole is: "Wow, you played with Robert Quine!" ....

Mark Williams

Simply brilliant!, a collection of some of the greatest musicians of modern times.

Claudia H

So much talent on that stage!

bull shyt

thanks for posting - really feel that LC is worth revisiting at the moment

Kristijan Bodin

Absolutely perfect!!


Imagine going to see Lloyd Colman & then finding out a legend was on guitar - Robert Quine


Watched this on TV years ago. It just gets better Xxxx

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