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Pavement Lyrics

Pigs, they tend to wiggle when they walk
The infrastructure rots
And the owners hate the jocks
With their agents and their dates

If the signatures are checked
You'll just have to wait

And we're counting up the instants that we save
Tired nation so depraved
From the cheap seats see us
Wave to the camera
It took a giant ramrod
To raze the demon settlement

But high-ho silver, ride
High-ho silver, ride

Take another ride to see me home
Listen to me
I'm on the stereo stereo
Oh my baby baby baby baby babe
Gave me malaria hysteria

What about the voice of Geddy Lee
How did it get so high?
I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?
(I know him and he does)

And you're my fact-checkin' cuz

Well focus on the quasar in the mist
The Kaiser has a cyst
And I'm a blank want list
The qualms you have and if they stick
They will drown you in a crick
In the neck of a woods
That was populated by
Tired nation on the fly
Everybody knows advice
That was given out for free
Lots of details to discern
Lots of details

But high-ho silver ride
High-ho silver ride
Takes another ride to make me
Oh, get off the air
I'm on the stereo stereo
Oh my baby baby baby baby baby babe
Gave me malaria hysteria


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Comments from YouTube:


"Pigs they tend to wiggle when they walk" What a way to begin a song. Just brilliant.

Sam Bowie

What a way to begin an album

Daysi Lange

Chill, dude.

Muskrat Wiser

The infrastructure rots and the owner hates the jocks with their agents and their dates

Brandon Gates

man if i had youtube back in 97 you how many hours of watching MTV i would have saved. I remember watching alternative nation for hours just praying they would play this video lol.

The Weirdo

I know how that is. MTV here was run by another company until 2013 and they still had music until the end. I watched the clips for hours and waited until my fav artists came up.

The Weirdo

@myuhlz Great taste x

Arnold Me

yep, but you'd have missed lots of other intersting bands, would'nt you?


@Brandon Gates same here, but hoping to see Aphex Twin Windowlicker :)

Shane Arnold

I love the fact that Bob is basically a Wild Card for what he'll be doing in any given song; from lugging around the band's cash bag (his first job with them), to being their unneeded second drummer, to his random guitar appearance here, to his awesome vocal appearances. He's simultaneously the most and least important member of the band, and the best mascot for any band ever.

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