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In a Landscape
John Cage Lyrics


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Luca scriabine

@Aleksandra R.
György Ligeti

Franz Schubert
Yuhki Kuramoto


J. S. Bach

Potrei elencare migliaia di brani dal periodo rinascimento al periodo moderno.

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Jeff Dawson

Pierre Boulez said that Cage was not a composer, but an inventor. And I say he was an inventor of perceiving sound in new ways. Maybe an inventor and a philosopher. To me, this is like slowed down Debussy. Peaceful.


It's raining. I was walking through the streets and this music was everywhere, in the puddles on the roads, in the sky covered with thick lead clouds, in the branches of naked trees, in the cold wind blowing in my face. I was wondering whether it was me tired of all the routine and monotonous stream of the days, or it was the nature trying to focus my gaze on all the simple beauties I was ignoring though it always appeared right in front of my eyes. In fact, I just wanted to sit somewhere and let the music merge me with it and turn to a tiny peace of an immortal beauty.

Poby Wu

someone make this top comment

Gabi Grandy

@kalyna vickers its called humanity, there are simply some things that shouldn't be cringy. Its good to enjoy the simple things around you

Gabi Grandy

It feels amazing to know that all around the world there are people that think like you, and to realize that after all, we are humans, and we have so much in common. It's incredible the effect that music can have in a simple view, in a simple moment, in a simple thought. It can change everything, it can change people...the universal language. I love to read someone elses thoughts and imagine how their lives could be, in another part of the world.

Gabi Grandy

@kalyna vickers not cringe at all

Bob Slartibarti

I [email protected] vickers got better

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Luis R. Irizarry Agosto

Composers often write a dialogue that only the spirit understands.


The shadow in the picture is Merce Cunningham.

Matt Johnson

You're right.

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