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The Microphones Lyrics

Oh! the Sand!
Oh! the Spark!
Oh! the Open Land!
the Swelling dark!
Oh! my Hands!
Oh! my Airy Palms!
Oh! the Lack!
Oh! My Bending Back!
Oh! the size of my empty lap!
but Oh! My Map to distant foothills rise!

Open hands,
the span,
oh the swelling sound over massive rounds!

Contributed by Logan D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Penguin Bedsheets

2:21 one of the best moments in music


Na bro 3:53 :)

Evan Houston

1:27 makes me jump everytime.

Nicholas Kinsey

Oh the sand
Oh, the spark
Oh, the open land
The swelling dark
Oh, my hands
Oh, my airy palms
Oh, the lack
Oh, my bending back
Oh, the size
Of my empty lap
Oh, my map
To distant foot hills' rise

Open hands
Oh, the span
Oh, the swelling sound
Over massive rounds

The Souz Company

The second half feels like a Dr Dre beat for some reason

Guiller_ 16


Peyton Warren

Such a fucking good song. I love when you can hear her voice come in on “oh the size”



Lord fuck attack Lord fuck attack


Lord fuck attack Lord fuck attack

Is this the one with Dave Matthews in it?

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