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The Summer Ends
American Football Lyrics

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I'm thinking about leaving and how I should say goodbye. with a handshake, or an embrace, or a kiss on the cheek, or possibly all three. well maybe I've been wrong. maybe my intentions are irrelevant. but honestly, it's not just for me. we've both been so unhappy so let's just see what happens when the summer ends.

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of American Football's song The Summer Ends talk about the contemplation of leaving and how to say goodbye. The singer is unsure of whether to say goodbye with a handshake, an embrace or a kiss on the cheek, and maybe all three. He admits that he might be wrong in his intentions, but he feels that it's not just for him, as both of them have been unhappy. Therefore, he suggests that they see what happens when the summer ends.

The lyrics convey a sense of uncertainty, hesitation, and a desire to explore what could happen in the future. The singer is torn between his feelings and what he thinks is the right thing to do. The repeated use of "maybe" and "possibly" imparts a sense of ambiguity that adds depth to the lyrics. The song captures the complexity of relationships and the internal struggle of deciding what is best for oneself while taking the other person's feelings into account.

Line by Line Meaning

I'm thinking about leaving and how I should say goodbye.
I am contemplating ending this relationship and trying to decide how to express my farewell.

with a handshake, or an embrace, or a kiss on the cheek, or possibly all three.
I am considering various ways to part ways, whether it be cordial or more intimate.

well maybe I've been wrong.
Perhaps my decision to leave may be misguided or unjustified.

maybe my intentions are irrelevant.
Perhaps my reasons for leaving are not important in the grand scheme of things.

but honestly, it's not just for me.
My decision to leave is not just about me, but also about the unhappiness we both experience in this relationship.

we've both been so unhappy
Our relationship has become a source of discontent for us both.

so let's just see what happens when the summer ends.
With the summertime concluding, let us wait and see how we both feel about continuing this relationship and if it is worth fighting for.

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Michael Thomas Kinsella, Stephen Michael Holmes, Steven Joseph Lamos

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I'm thinking about leaving
And how I should say goodbye
With a handshake
Or an embrace
Or a kiss on the cheek
Possibly all three

Well maybe I've been wrong
Maybe my intentions are irrelevant
But honestly it's not just for me

We've both been so unhappy
So let's just see what happens when the summer ends


This song reminds me of my highschool graduation day which is the day I confessed my 3-years crush. We didn’t date after that day, but it was a best goodbye for both of us.

She and I were classmates. I didn’t notice her until 1st year science fair when she suddenly joined a quiz game with me then had a little date(?) with me for the rest of the day. I fell for her since then, and our interactions were sweet. She would laugh at my jokes while she nerding her interests. However, time goes by, and I hesitate to confess. I simply watch her from afar and acting awkwardly while she’s with her friends. Days goes by and she further herself more. Perhaps she wasn’t interested in the first place? Perhaps I messed up my approach? Anyhow, I was stuck in one side feeling for the rest of my high-school years. Her interaction with me is, in my pov, outright trying to avoid me. There is one time she was about to be my dance partner for PE class, but she immediately switch with other girls. I decided to not partnering up with anyone and dance alone for the rest of the class. (My classmates r also teaming themselves up to the point I got no partners left too)

During graduation period, I knew that I don’t want to regret about this. I have been through this one sided crush for 3 times already in my life, and I want to, at the very least, confess what I feel, despite knowing the undesired end result.

I always knew that she loves drawing, so in the graduation day, I brought a drawing notebook. However, I got no balls to give it to her…until almost at the of the day that I stumbled upon her at coffee shop. I walked to her, talk a little, gave the stuff then…

“I got something to confess” I said

“Yeah?” She nodded

“I liked you…for all these time…although…I already have a sense that you didn’t like me back. It’s okay…I just want to clear my feelings and our things up.”

She looked at me….silenced for a moment….then said “…yeah…I…simply don’t want anyone yet. I just feel like boyfriends is bothersome for now.”

“Ah, I see…that’s….alright I guess?” Even though I wished that she would say yes to my confession, my heart somehow feels alleviate, as if a restraint were lifted from me. I no longer feel trapped to her not my feelings anymore.

“Heh, still, I just wish to be your friend. You were a good person to me and everyone around. So, it’s okay alright? Also, you will be in college soon right? I guaranteed you gonna find way more beautiful girls there, so good luck on that ;p” She then gently hit my belly in the manner to tease me a little then rushed to her car.

“See you again soon~” She waved

“Yeah…you too. You goodluck with your college life too okay!?” I said

“Hehe, okayy~”

Then we bid farewell. We met again during college exam once, then never talked again since then. But that’s alright, I might not finding girls as much as shr hoped, but I had way much more confidence with girls and everyone else. I hope she is happy with her life too, no matter where she is.

Sorry for long story. I hope you enjoyed it.

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No song captures the emotions of graduating high school better than this one does.


+WarhawkLieutenent No comment describes this song better than yours does.


It's my last year and this song perfectly captures everything I'm currently feeling


the only song i can think of that accurately describe that feeling to the same degree is Something That Matters by Merchant Ships. if you dont know it, that song has actually brought me to tears and still does to this day.


Yeah, I love me some Merchant Ships, and that's a good song, I just don't get the same melancholic vibes from it like this one though. That song sounds more triumphant, and I think it's more about their subsequent breakup as a band than it is about high school (considering it's the last song on their last release).


to be honest id never even thought of the song that way but, it's interesting that Jack left the lyrics vague enough that others can relate to it in their own way. even if you are right about his own intentions for writing it, im sure he'd be glad to know that people can still connect with it somehow.

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This drummer is so talented. I don't even know his name but this guy is absolutely phenomenal. To play in all of these different time signatures with lightning fast, crisp rolls. He should be a household name in drumming.


his name is steve lamos


This album sounds like what I envisioned high school to be like when I was a kid... if that makes sense


Bill Cosby I know exactly what you mean man I thought I was the only one

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